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Diabetic Neuropathy

For the people who suffer with diabetes, they know how difficult it can be for someone to manage all that comes with it. Sure, it is definitely livable to have diabetes and lead a good life. But it is simply not easy. Therefore, there have been studies where people are trying to look at the minds of diabetics. They are trying to see what correlation there is in the minds of many diabetics and what information can be drawn from that.

Key Takeaways:

  • There is a lot of people who suffer from diseases like diabetes all over the world.
  • How you deal with your shortcomings comes down to you as an individual and it is not easy.
  • With diabetes, you must speak with a doctor and see what all the maintenance is going to require.

“In Type 2, there may be a problem getting the correct fuel into the nerve cells. Think of nerve cells as little power plants. You need to get something in to generate the power while also removing waste products. If you try to use diesel fuel when the plant is set up for regular gasoline, your plant won?t work as efficiently, and sludge will start to build up that eventually shuts the plant down.”

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Sweet-Smelling Breath Holds Promise as Tool for Diagnosing Diabetes

The people who suffer from diabetes do not have it easy. There is so much work that is involved for someone with diabetes and they have to keep up with their maintenance of it on a daily basis. For the people who do not have to worry about this, it is really foreign to them. They cannot fathom it. Now, there is a new tool that people are saying is good for the diagnosis of diabetes!

Key Takeaways:

  • If you want to diagnose diabetes, you must go to a doctor and figure it out.
  • Though there are ways to self diagnose diabetes, a doctor will be best suited to taking care of a kid.
  • It is hard for anyone to be able to accept the fact that they have diabetes in any form.

“Hancock further notes that, if the association between breath acetone and blood ketone levels holds true at higher ketone levels, breath testing may be useful in preventing the development of diabetic ketoacidosis in children with diabetes who are sick.”

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10 Simple Pregnancy Tips to Help You Have a Normal Delivery

If you are pregnant, there are plenty of ways for you to make your delivery experience a bit more comfortable, or normal, than you initially imagined. One of the main things is to just remain at peace with the fact that you are going to be pushing a little baby out of lady parts. If you are content with that mentally, the rest is easier. Then, just eat things that can help fatten you up as this can make it easy as well.

Key Takeaways:

  • Pregnancy can be a really stressful experience if you do not prepare for delivery.
  • Being able to remain mentally strong, and calm, in hard moments is crucial during this time.
  • The more precautions you take, the safer the entire delivery process will be when the day comes.

“Proper diet is not only important for your body but also for a healthy growth and development of the unborn child. Also, it is important to gain a lot of strength for childbirth. A stronger body can face the challenges of labour more smoothly.”

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Antibiotics and Type 1 Diabetes Risk

The people who deal with Type 1 diabetes on a consistent basis have a tedious life. There is a lot that goes into maintaining blood sugar levels when you are diabetes. With that being said, there are now reports of antibiotics affecting people in regards to diabetes. If there is more research that is done, and it is found out to be true, then this would be an absolutely massive revelation in the world of science.

Key Takeaways:

  • Type 1 diabetes is a really difficult disease for anyone to deal with on a consistent basis.
  • If someone were to take the wrong antibiotics, then their chances of receiving diabetes goes up.
  • It is hard to predict how someone will react to certain types of antibiotics they are given.

“As noted in a press release on the study, the researchers found that four different groups of bacteria were more common in mice that were given the single course of antibiotics. Two of these groups (known as Blautia and Akkermansia) have been shown in studies of human children to increase the risk of Type 1 diabetes when they?re unusually abundant in gut bacteria.”

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I’m Having My Second Baby In 2 Weeks And This Is What I’m Freaking Out About

Having a baby is such a fulfilling and unique experience. Unless you have been pregnant before, you do not know what it feels like. With that being said, it can be very stressful! The amount of stress that is taken on by a women when they are pregnant is absolutely insane. They are literally giving birth to another human being! It is such an insane concept to think about but the bottom line is that the experience is worth it.

Key Takeaways:

  • Having a baby can be an extremely stressful process that is not for everyone!
  • Wait until you are settled down and really ready before making a decision to have a baby.
  • Sure, it can be stressful but make sure to embrace pregnancy for what it is and have fun!

“So I already talked about the things I stressed over with my first baby that I?m not worried about with the second, but now that I?m about two weeks away from my due date, let the freak outs over baby number two begin!”

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How Pregnancy Taught Me That I’m Not The Body Confident Girl I Thought I Was

Being pregnant is such a unique experience. While some experience it to be extremely fulfilling and allow people to gain a confidence about themselves that they did not have before, that was not the case for this particular person. She thought she had it “all together” and that she was extremely confident in her body and who she was. As she gained weight during pregnancy and started to feel anxiety and panic, she realized that this was not the case.

Key Takeaways:

  • Being confident within your body is a blessing that not many people realize they have.
  • Some people find it more difficult to get their pre-pregnancy body back than others.
  • After giving birth, the fact is that it can be hard to get your body back to what you feel is optimal levels.

“The brutal truth was that I didn?t feel quite like myself yet. Twelve weeks after pushing a tiny human out of my vagina, I had a long way to go before ?getting my body back,? or feeling relaxed enough to enjoy sex.”

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Why the Type of Folate You Take Matters

While many experts will tell you that the type of Vitamin B9 you take doesn?t matter, the fact is that there is indeed a real and important difference between folate, which occurs naturally, and folic acid, which does not. With artificial folic acid, your body may have more difficulty converting it into its useable 5-methyltetrahydrofolate form, and as a result you may wind up with excess folic acid in your system. This excess, unmetabolized folic acid can have negative impacts on the immune system, impair fetal development and make you more prone to diabetes.

Key Takeaways:

  • Most OB-GYNs agree that pregnant women need vitamin B9, however, many feel that the form of this critical nutrient doesn?t matter.
  • While folate supplementation in pregnancy is crucial for healthy fetal development, too much could harm the neural development of the fetus and possibly cause autism.
  • If you have an MTHFR gene mutation, your folate conversion pathway could be impaired.

“Organic folates, like the ones found in food or supplemental 5-methyltetrahydrofolate, don?t have this problem. They?re easily converted into tetrahydrofolate at the gut level upon consumption.”

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Microsoft’s Glasses to Monitor Blood Pressure

Individuals that need to have their blood pressure taken daily or throughout the day, may find some relief in Microsoft’s newest invention. This company has been working on a set of glasses that uses a combination of three optical sensors and a three-axis accelerometer which will measure blood pressure. The optical sensors will detect heart rate on three spots on an individual’s head, while the accelerometer detects the movement of the head. The device’s name is Glabella and will be able to identify many more daily functions like activities, diet and even drugs that might effect one’s blood pressure.

Key Takeaways:

  • Nowadays, the technology that is available to some people is absolutely incredible.
  • Some people suffer much more than others when it comes to high blood pressure and it needs to be sorted.
  • Health is paramount to anything else in life and the companies that are doing these things are revolutionary.

“Researchers at Microsoft have been working on a wearable set of glasses that can measure the blood pressure using a combination of three optical sensors and a three-axis accelerometer.”

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Dear Mark: Peanut Edition

Peanut allergies can lead to fatalities so it’s understandable that people have many questions about them. Did you know that roasting peanuts can help diminish the presence of carcinogens, like aflatoxin? Additionally, raw peanuts can be sprouted which reduces some acids and increases certain nutrients. If you’re not a fan of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, there are other ways to consume peanut butter, like adding it to yogurt or cottage cheese for a more filling breakfast.

Key Takeaways:

  • Roasting peanuts does not make it carcinogenic rather roasting reduces levels of aflatoxin, a confirmed carcinogen.
  • Research on peanuts and other roasted nuts reveal that roasting has beneficial effects on oxidative stress and oxidative damage to lipids.
  • You should try to sprout peanuts if you have the time and desire because it is beneficial.

“What makes an oil carcinogenic is usually the degree of oxidative damage it?s sustained. Most oxidative damage comes from heat exposure. Luckily, the fat of the peanut is fairly resistant to heat damage. An ounce of peanuts has 14.1 grams of fat, 7.4 of which are monounsaturated, 2.8 of which are polyunsaturated, and 2 of which are saturated.”

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Wristband Performs Blood Cell Counts to Monitor Health Anywhere

Technology puts information at our collective finger tips, and info about our health is no exception. Smart devices are breaking their way into the medical field as well with devices used to track things such as white blood cell count, which is important information for those with certain diseases, such as HIV or cancer. The flexible wrist bands have intricate circuit boards and software to help doctors track in real time what id happening to their patients, therefore, they are better able to diagnose and treat more effectively.

Key Takeaways:

  • There are new ways for doctors and medical pros to monitor health.
  • There are many things that go into maintaining health as you get older.
  • Make it your duty to get the best possible health care because it is the most important thing for anyone.

“The device, that has electronics placed onto a flexible circuit board, uses a tiny needle to draw blood from the wrist.”

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